timeoutpicWow! We are #4 on this list of best Sonoma restaurants from www.timeout.com. This is a completely candid and unbiased review, our good friend Heidi Wilson had to tell us about it. So flattered and pleased that we are thought of so highly (we couldn't agree more!) - wonderful to know the passion we have for what we do really carries through to our diners' experience. (Link to TImeOut SF Article Here)


The review says: "Divewalk Café is one of those places that may only come up via word-of-mouth, but when it does, those who have eaten at this quirky Vietnamese eatery gush about the food. Situated right next to Sonoma Springs Brewing, the covered patio looks like something you may stumble upon behind someone's house, a casual affair with mismatched plates, colorful tablecloths and regulars who might jump in to run the register in a pinch. But the food is more than casual. A range of sweet and savory crepes, bánh mìs and curry soups populate the menu; everything is made with incredibly fresh ingredients, and the end result is worthy of any high-end Vietnamese restaurant. To drink, a refreshing Thai iced tea might be too sweet for some, but it's just the ticket for others on a hot summer day. Planning on visiting the brewery? Place an order before you head in, and they'll bring it to you when it's ready."